poker, with its concept of free for all and no downloads poker, is the first Spanish platform free poker online. The site offers players a unique experience where passion and pleasure of playing poker is what really counts.

And the model works. With less than one year of existence, daily increases your audience and has an average of 800 daily records and more than 250,000 members who daily play poker for free without downloads. Thus, has become the largest free online poker community the Hispanic world. audience is made up of players who, initially, avoid running the risk of losing money playing payment operators in the sector, but without a doubt, are the same players that thanks to the tools provided to them this platform, in the very near future, will have the knowledge, experience and confidence to play real money poker rooms play.

Currently is not only the only platform that allows users to learn and play for free, but only to turn an application that allows the user to consult their doubts directly with learning poker expert Alex “10” Martinez.

Thanks to the Live Chat application, the user receives a personalized and instant attention Álex own “10” Martínez, an expert which in turn is a leader and head of the community.

For those who feel inspired to play and win real money, regularly organizes with its partner rooms, some tournaments called freerolls, where the player can participate for free in the tournament and get real money prizes.

This kind of tournament it shows the player who can make money without risk, and giving it the confidence to continue playing. With these tools, becomes a learning model exclusively oriented to form step by step the player, answer your questions and only when you have gained enough confidence playing on the free platform, will be invited to participate in tournaments.

Members of the community are precisely the audience that interest to online gambling operators. A beginner profile player who is gaining experience and strong confidence in the game. In short, a poker community formed by potential customers for online poker rooms, and why not … by professional players of the future.