Pokergratis.es Reaches 250,000 Users in 1 Year

poker gratisPokergratis.es, with its concept of free for all and no downloads poker, is the first Spanish platform free poker online. The site offers players a unique experience where passion and pleasure of playing poker is what really counts.

And the model works. With less than one year of existence, Pokergratis.es daily increases your audience and has an average of 800 daily records and more than 250,000 members who daily play poker for free without downloads. Thus, pokergratis.es has become the largest free online poker community the Hispanic world.

Pokergratis.es audience is made up of players who, initially, avoid running the risk of losing money playing payment operators in the sector, but without a doubt, are the same players that thanks to the tools provided to them this platform, in the very near future, will have the knowledge, experience and confidence to play real money poker rooms play.

Currently Pokergratis.es is not only the only platform that allows users to learn and play for free, but only to turn an application that allows the user to consult their doubts directly with learning poker expert Alex “10” Martinez.

Thanks to the Live Chat application, the user receives a personalized and instant attention Álex own “10” Martínez, an expert which in turn is a leader and head of the community.

For those who feel inspired to play and win real money, Pokergratis.es regularly organizes with its partner rooms, some tournaments called freerolls, where the player can participate for free in the tournament and get real money prizes.

This kind of tournament it shows the player who can make money without risk, and giving it the confidence to continue playing. With these tools, Pokergratis.es becomes a learning model exclusively oriented to form step by step the player, answer your questions and only when you have gained enough confidence playing on the free platform, will be invited to participate in tournaments.

Members of the community Pokergatis.es are precisely the audience that interest to online gambling operators. A beginner profile player who is gaining experience and strong confidence in the game. In short, a poker community formed by potential customers for online poker rooms, and why not … by professional players of the future.


Dan Livingston won the WSOP Main Event Horseshoe Chicago


The Main Event of the World Series of Poker Circuit (WSOPC) Horseshoe Chicago came to a conclusion in which he saw Dan Livingston Oak Forest, Illinois, stay with the first prize of $ 291,749. Despite facing a poker tournament with a field of 248 players, an increase of 12% over the previous year, part-time player poker 22 years surpassed everyone in his path to victory. According to Livingston, this victory was well worth the effort. “I felt really good. What was this? Four hours of work for nearly $ 300,000? I like this,” he said.

Although Livingston played only poker tournaments at the Horseshoe Casino low average inflows and managed entry to the event with $ 5,000 entry thanks to a special promotion poker room. Livingston won the entrance to the WSOPC tournament while playing an afternoon at the Horseshoe poker room. As part of a special promotion, the Horseshoe gave away four entries to the Main Event daily. Every day, four times and during the two weeks preceding the start of the series this year in Chicago, was chosen at random poker table and the player mea receiving the highest card received the entrance to the Main Event the WSOPC. Livingston received his letter two weeks before winning the poker event and was pleasantly surprised by playing the biggest poker tournament of his life.

According to Livingston, he realized that he had solid opportunities to achieve victory only when he entered the final table. “When we reached the final table, he had about 900,000 chips. So I won some early pots that were played and reached 2,000,000 chips. At that moment I said to myself, ‘wow, could win this , I have almost a quarter of the chips in play. Actually I have a good chance. “And I did.”

Thanks to the confidence gained at the final poker table, Livingston was able to achieve quick work of his opponents when the field to the final four players was narrowed, thanks to his big stack. “Everyone at the table had about a million chips and I had almost four million at that time. So I could do what I wanted.”

With most previous gain Livingston having been in the online poker $ 4,000, this is obviously the jackpot for the young player and already set his sights on the next WSOP 2010. “I always dreamed of winning a bracelet really. But I must say the gold ring will reach for now. This win really boosted my confidence. ”

The final table:

Dan Livingston – $ 291,749
Tom Floros – $ 180,287
Chris Gentile – $ 119,556
Tad Mosele – $ 84,594
William Schweinebraten – $ 63,744
William Miner – $ 50,871
Joshua Goldstein – $ 42,881
Jacob Bazeley – $ 38,082
Michael Parisi – $ 35,533


November Nine WSOP 2009: Antoine Saout

antoine-saout-1Although Antoine Saout may be one of the smaller stacks at the final table with 9.5 million chips, this 25 year old from Saint Martin des Champs, France, has proven to have the skills to achieve a Main Event title the World Series of Poker (WSOP). In addition to claificar to be a member of the November Nine, Saout PROVO you have what it takes to win the most prestigious title in the poker world after winning the seventh place in the WSOPE Main Event last September. Having started playing less than two years ago, Saout continues to impress with his performance and can make life very difficult for his teammates at the final table.

As he got here Saout faced many challenges on their way to the final table, including having to sit at the table of Phil Ivey during the last three days of play. Despite these challenges, Saout used his cunning, played aggressively and managed to capitalize on their ability to read his opponents on his way to the final table.

In one hand, Saout aggressively forced fellow November Niner Steven Begleiter to discard his hand. In that hand, Saout bet preflop from early position for 550,000 and Begleiter called from the small blind. The flop showed 8Trébol 8Diamante 3Corazón. Begleiter spent and Saout bet 650,000. Begleiter then increased to 1.5 million. After thinking for a couple of minutes, Saout reraised all-in for 5,175,000 and forced an unhappy Begleiter to retreat.

In another hand, Saout capitalized on Antonio “The Magician” Esfandiari and again attracted chips avoiding confrontation. In that hand, Saout bet 350,000 and Esfandiari called from the big blind. The flop showed 4Diamante 5Corazón 3Diamante and Esfandiari bet 535,000. Saout immediately increased to 1.8 million total and the Magician thought for a moment before retiring against Saout aggressive play.


Interviews with poker professionals: Justin Bonomo


This is a series of interviews favorite players poker fans, where you can find details of their lives outside the field of poker. This time we sat down with my team Bodog Justin “ZeeJustin” Bonomo to discuss their favorite places to vacation, as he received his nickname and would face if Patrik Antonius or the Black Lotus.

How did you start playing poker?

Basically, I had several friends that he was doing well with the poker and I thought if they could do it, I could do it.

If you were not playing poker, what would you be doing?

I always hated the lifestyle from 9 to 5, so I would be doing something for myself, being the owner of my own company for example.

What is your favorite stop on the poker tournament circuit?

I really like the Bahamas. I have participated in the tournament for six consecutive years and have very good friends there.

What is your favorite place to spend your vacation?

There are so many to choose from, I’m not sure. Amsterdam is one of my favorite cities. The culture and people are really amazing. I really much fun in Italy and Tokyo is definitely a place I want to visit in the future.

What was the most exciting thing you did on that vacation?

I’m a pretty boring person. I did nothing exciting on that trip. We went to nightclubs, coffee shops and that was very good. Nothing really stands out.

How you did you earn that nickname?

I’ve had that nickname almost from my second grade. Basically my dad came home with AOL and I just tighten a few keys before Justin and over the years many people knew me by ZeeJustin and it stuck.

What is your greatest achievement in the world of poker so far?

Rather than a specific achievement, I am proud of the fact that I have had very consistent results. I have never been more than six months without achieving a six-figure prize in a tournament for example and I think this consistency is that I’m most proud of.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

I think Los Angeles is my favorite city in the world. It’s a lot of lovely people who spend a good time above all else.

Name me all ninja turtles you can and colors.

Donatello is the purple. Michalangelo is yellow. Raphael is the orange and Leonardo is the blue.

That was better than I could have done, I just remember Leonardo. Algebra or trigonometry?

Algebra. It’s amazing you are using algebra in poker all the time, I never liked.

The most entertaining company at a dinner, “Gray Ogre” or Mike Matusow.

Mike Matusow. The Gray Ogres are boring by definition.

You prefer to have problems Mana or lack of cards?

Lack of letters of course, because there is a false hope if left cards.

Harder: Use Monkey Cage on an opponent or a check-raise bluff on the river?

The Monkey is much more difficult. Check-raise bluff on the river is much more fun. I do it all the time.

To play your role in a movie, Vanilla Ice or Rob Van Winkle?

Oh my God. I could make my paper stuffed animal instead? Probably you do a better job.