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Bonuses v. Rakeback

Bonuses are one of the most common initiatives as a promotion.  Finding places that offer bonuses we look for poker rooms on the Internet that allow us to play for real money without investing a large sum into a new account.

Welcome Bonuses are those that offer rooms to new players who open an account with real money. Typically, bonuses become effective when certain conditions  are met.  These are normally based on playing a number of hands or on the amount of VIP Points (Common Points) obtained playing at the tables or tournaments for money are met.

But bonuses found in the form of rakeback are an important competitor.  These attract the attention of a different kind of player. Rakeback in poker allows you to earn extra money by employing a multi-table strategy.  If you can play many tables at once you will be generating rake.  If we get part of the rake returned to us we will be making money without relying on benefits we get directly at the tables.

We can perfectly play 5, 6 or up to 10 tables at once to maximize profits without playing at higher limits. If we are comfortable at one level (eg NL 100) do not need to go up to a higher level, but what we can do is play many tables that level.

The rakeback is nothing more than the return of the commissions rooms take from the players. That return is used to encourage the player to continue playing in the rooms on the site.

Some places like Bovada might offer rake back on their poker, but not casino and sports book handles.  If interested in those click here to read this review from Boyd.

FAQ on Rakeback

• What percentage of the rake are poker rooms willing to give back?

We have already said that the rake is the commission charged by the poker room for every pot or tournament to be played. The rooms tend to return some of these commissions to players for their loyalty. Usually the percentage of rake that is returned is 25% to 30%.

• How and when do I get paid my rakeback?

The return of the rake is done automatically to the player’s account. Usually payments are made 10 days after the end of the month though you will find more information on the ad of the room where you would want to play.

• Can I get rakeback at a site where I already have an account?

You can not get rakeback from rooms where you have previously registered. If you want to play in a certain room we recommend you register in a room that shares the same network.  This will allow you to find the same tables and players.

• What is the difference between the calculation of contributed and shared rake?

With the method of calculating contributed rake, rakeback forward in relation to the money you put into the pot. . For example, if a pot is $ 25 and you put $ 5 of that money then $ 5 divided by $ 25, or 20% of the commission that the room took from that pot “belongs” to you. That is  depending on the money you put in will help contribute more or less to the return of the commissions generated and given back.

Shared rake happens whenever you are dealt cards in a hand, even if you fold without contributing money to the pot. For example, if a total of 4 players are dealt cards in a hand (including yourself), then 25% of the commission that the room belongs to you and it will be carried to the % refund that is calculated.